The way to Create A Critical LENS Paper

64In each dialogue published by an writer, every phrase and phrase serve a particular objective. Because the author is attempting to write a theme or clarify a stage which will ultimately be found, they should do their very best to write statements that are generally meaningful also as fascinating. A critical Lens Paper is 1 by which a reader meticulously analyzes a quotation from an writers paper. Also as explaining their specific viewpoint concerning the significance from the quote, the author should also use literary references to assistance their declare.


To be able to analyze a critical lens quote, it’s essential to know what precisely goes into an evaluation. Based around the quote the paper author has selected, he’ll immediately need to write an argument that should have literary assistance. Because the writers occupation would be to show his assumption as reality, he should make use of the very best literary references he can discover that match his assumption. For instance, when the author has selected a quote that offers with bravery, they should discover two or 3 literary texts that assistance the viewpoint produced from the author. These references should evidently display how one’s selected quote receives validation.


The critical lens paper is usually published inside a higher college setting more than the program of an hour. These papers match in to the analytical paper family members but are generally distinctive within the sense that 1 is analyzing a quote instead of an viewpoint or crafted concept. Consequently, the outline of this specific paper follows the classic Intro – Physique Paragraph(s) – Conclusion format. The introduction reveals the quotation, clarify in their own words its meaning, and whether they PERSONALLY agree or disagree with the interpretation; they also should discuss the methods they will use to be able to assistance their viewpoint. The physique paragraphs are generally used to implement the selected literary references and clarify how they defend the writers thesis. Lastly, the conclusion restates the thesis and summarizes all from the supporting arguments crafted in the literary references. Let us closely examine every individual part.


First things first, 1 should discover a significant quote that they are generally willing to analyze. This ought to not be just any quote in the text, but 1 that holds significant value for the paper itself also as 1 that has produced a universal impact. After finding 1 of these golden quotes, the author should interpret the quote in such a way that makes sense to them. The writer’s distinctive interpretation from the quote is called theThesis Statementof the essay.

After providing a valid interpretation, the next step would be to decide whether or not they agree or disagree with this quote. Finally, the intro ought to be concluded with a brief explanation of how the thesis will be supported; 1 should present the literary references which will be used to assistance the argument.

In regards to choosing a side to defend, 1 should be extremely meticulous in choosing between the two sides.Though 1 may tend to personally agree with the quote, the literary references they discover might show to become much more effective for the opposition. In other words, the decision that is made ought to be primarily based around the very best possible resources that can be discovered. Yes, the writers viewpoint matters, but literary assistance makes up the other 50%. If 1 can choose a side to defend whilst also having great assistance, then that could be the ideal path to take.

Body Paragraph(s)

The main objective from the physique paragraphs would be to fully show your current crafted assumption (thesis) as reality. This is obviously done with the help of literary references as the writer’s words require some outside assistance. In thetopic sentence, the author should restate the thesis and make it relevant towards the outside literary reference or just try our business writing service.


The conclusion usually serves two main purposes; the first would be to restate the thesis and the second would be to summarize the supporting arguments produced within the physique paragraphs. Whenever restating the thesis, there is much more to become done than just paraphrasing an concept. The goal here would be to make an overall conclusion: a stage that can be used to build upon the thesis. There are generally a few things that could be talked about.

What conditions ought to be changed to switch the writers viewpoint from the quote? The reason why or the reason why not ought to these conditions be switched? How would changing these conditions impact the rest of society?

The goal here would be to write anoverall concluding statement that leaves the reader satisfied, but still intrigued by your current final stage and curious enough to investigate and discover more. That is what makes a stellar outro!

Topic Sentence Guideline:

For instance, when the writers thesis talks concerning the evil behind greed, they ought to mention how Animal Farm (instance source) satires societies theoretical ideas in the actions that they really take. In Animal Farm, the whole idea was to write a completely equal society of farm animals but, in actuality, a group of animals decided to greedily get much more for themselves and less for everyone else. Because this decision was made primarily based on a psychological flaw known as greed, the author can use this piece of context as evidential assistance.

After creating the topic sentence, 1 should clarify its significance as shown within the paragraph above. By bringing back this reference towards the original thesis, the author has completed one of three steps in his physique paragraph journey. A critical lens paper is required to have three physique paragraphs, so every 1 should include their individual proofs and literary assistance.

As a general breakdown, here is what the format of a physique paragraph looks such as:

  • Relevant topic sentence connecting your current thesis and literary source.
  • Determine the connection between the two, and clarify how this connection supports your current thesis.
  • Provide particular examples that match your current connection. Display how the literary reference you provided is relevant towards proving your current thesis. (THIS IS NOT A PLOT SUMMARY, rather an evaluation of a particular piece of writing)

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